A Novel Retrospective About Spring Water Benefits

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In all, the EPA regulates around 100 contaminants but the nonprofit adds that the EPA has not set a new standard for a drinking water contaminant under the Safe Drinking Water Act since 1996. "Overall, the EPA has established primary drinking water regulations for about 100 of the many thousands of known or anticipated contaminants that appear in tap water," said the report. In regards to health based violations the top violations included the disinfection byproducts and coliform bacteria. Lead and copper rounded out the top five health concern violations. One area WFTS-TV in Tampa investigated recently is the disinfectants used to treat the public water supply, in particular the use of chlorine. Pinellas County uses a system called Chlorine Conversion, where twice a year they use just chlorine as a stronger disinfectant to kill bacteria. The study iterates the exposure to chemical disinfectants can lead to exposure of cancer and potentially impact reproductive systems that can lead to miscarriages and birth defects. "While adding chlorine or other chemical disinfectants to water has benefits, these disinfectants can react with organic matter in the water to create byproducts that can adversely impact human health," it states. In Tampa, Culligan Water Conditioning's Director of Operations Brian Kennedy says they are installing 50% more under the sinkdrinking water systems and water coolers than this time last year. Kennedy says the local uptick is in response to national stories regarding contamination in the drinking water supply. "Your drinking water solution should be NSF certified to remove contaminants that may or may not be present in your water at this time," he said. He points out May is Drinking Water Month, and your local Culligan Man can test water in your home at no charge. However, more extensive testing for lead, nitrates, Chromium, E-coli and coliform bacteria will cost more, but discounted under their Truth About Water campaign .

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